At Super Pups, LLC. It Is Our Philosophy That Our Client’s Furry Friends Are In A Stress-Free Environment. Your Pet’s Safety, Comfort, And Well-Being Are Our Number One Priority. While Your Dog Is In Our Care Please Be Ready To Answer Your Phone, Your Groomer May Have Questions For You And May Need Your Immediate Attention. We Will Also Need To Get A Hold Of You For Pick Up. 
Refund Policy  
1) We Will Be Glad To Adjust It Free Of Charge Or Provide A Full Refund If You Let Us Know And Bring Your Pup Back Within 24 Hours Of The Completed Groom. This Does Not Include If You “Changed Your Mind” And Want A Different Clip Or Length Than You Originally Told Us. Please Check Your Pet’s Haircut Before Leaving. Anything After 24 Hours Without Notice Is Non-Refundable.
Satisfaction Policy 
2)  For Any Reason You Are Not Completely Satisfied With The Grooming, Please Advise Us Within 24 Hours So We Can Do Our Best To Rectify It. Pet Parents’ Satisfaction Is Important To Us. We Take Great Pride In Our Services.
New Client Policy
3) To Ensure We Have Adequate Time To Familiarise Ourselves With Your Dog(S) We Ask First-Time Clients To Factor In A Few Minutes Prior To Their Appointment For A Free Pre-Treatment Consultation. This Time Will Be Used To Discuss Your Pooch’s General Health, Any Concerns You May Have, Specifics Required Of The Grooming, And To Welcome Your Dog(S) To Their Grooming Appointment! A New Client Form Should Be Completed By First-Time Clients At The Time Of Booking, This Can Be Done Via Email And Is Attached To Your Appointment Confirmation Information. ( Emails Get Lost Sometimes So We’d Be Happy To Send You The Form Directly To Fill If You Cannot Find It. )
4) A Full Bladder Or Bowel Can Be Very Uncomfortable For A Dog Whilst It Is Being Groomed. Please Ensure That Your Pet Has Gone Outside Before Bringing Them To The Grooming Van. If Your Dog Goes During Their Treatment Which Results In Them Needing An Additional Bath, An Additional Cost Will Apply To Cover The Additional Time Needed To Complete The Groom. 
Dog Health Policy
5) If Your Pet Is Not Feeling Well (E.G. Vomiting, Diarrhea, Kennel Cough, ) Please Do Not Bring Him/Her To Supreme Pawfection L.L.C Vans For Their Own Comfort And The Safety Of Our Other Canine Clients. Please Advise Our Staff Of Any Change In Your Dog’s Health Or Medical Condition Upon Arrival So That We May Update Your Pet’s File. 
Grooming Sensitivity/Lack Of Socialization To Grooming Policy
6) We As Certified Groomers Will NOT Perform Any Grooming Services On An Animal If The Animal Appears Stressed, Uncomfortable, Or Aggressive Whether Mild Or Severe. For Example, If Your Pet Is Aggressive With Nail Trimming, We Will Make Sure To Inform You That We Will Not Be Trimming The Nails. Note The Pet Parent Is Still Responsible For Payment Of The Time Dedicated Attempting To Groom The Dog.
Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Notice Policy
7) You As The Pet Owner Need To Advise Us, The Groomers If Your Pet Has Any Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, Food Or Skin Allergies, Sensitivities, Physical Or Emotional Issues; Or Any Other Problem That May Endanger The Pet As Well As The Groomer; And Must Be Stated On This Form Prior To Any Services Being Provided. (For Example, “My Dog Has Sensitive Skin, Please Use Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo Only.”) If Your Pet Has Any Behavior Problems Or Medical Problems, Please Let Us Know Before Arrival. This Will Help Better Prepare Our Supreme Pawfection Staff To Have The Correct Tools To Make Sure That Your Furry Friend Is As Comfortable As Possible. Please Provide Us With Any Special Grooming Instructions On This Form. (For Example, “Please Do Not Pluck My Dog’s Ear Hair.”) External Anal Gland Expressions And Basic Teeth Brushings Are Only Provided Upon Request. We Do Not Encourage Any Prescription Sedatives To Be Given To Pets. 
If Your Pet Has What We Consider Severe (Aggressive) Behavioral Problems We Will Not Be Able To Service Your Pet Or Will End The Service And Advise You, The Pet Owner, To Consult Your Vet For Future Grooming Services. Full Grooming Price May Apply. The Owner Must Be Present At The Beginning Of Our First Appointment To Physically Review And Complete Our Policy And Release Form. We Require Someone Older Than 18 Years Of Age To Be Home During Our Entire Appointment. To Give The Pet To Our Groomer And To Receive The Pet When We Are Finished. Pet Owner Understands And Allows Our Groomers To Take Pictures Of Their Pets For Grooming Notes Or If Medical Conditions Are Present. Please Let Us Know If You Prefer For Us Not To Publicly Post Pictures Of Your Pet On Our Website Or Social Media. Customers Will Be Responsible For Any Parking Citations Issued During Our Grooming Service. It Is The Customer’s Responsibility To Provide Our Staff With A Safe And Legal Parking Space For Our Mobile Grooming Van.
Injury Policy
8) Upon The Arrival Of Your Pet, We Will Always Do An Inspection Of Your Pet. Your Groomer Will Notify You Of Anything They Find During Those. Should Any Cuts Occur During The Grooming Process, We Will Notify You And Advise You On How To Treat These. Injuries Caused Due To The Condition Of The Dog Or Matting Is NOT The Responsibility Of Super Pups, LLC. And Any Vet Costs Due To These Are At The Expense Of The Client. At The End Of Every Groom, Your Groomer Will Give You Advice On How To Take Better Care Of Your Dogs’ Coat After They’ve Received Any Services From Us. 
Up To Date Vaccination Policy
9) Super Pups, LLC. Will Not Perform Services On Any Pet That Is Not Up To Date On Their Vaccinations! We Require That All Of Our Furry Clients Are Current On Their Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, And Parvovirus Vaccinations. We Require To Keep A Copy Of These Vaccinations, Provided By Your Vet, On File And It Is The Pet Owners’ Responsibility To Keep Us Current As Vaccinations Are Updated. Proof Of Vaccination May Be Provided By Your Vet At No Cost. We Require All Vaccinations To Be Administrated At Least 7 Days Prior To Our Service Being Provided. If Our Groomer Arrives And Your Pet Is Not Current On All Of The Required Shots, You Will Be Charged A Cancellation Fee. You, The Pet Owner, Allow Us To Contact Your Vet And Discuss Vaccinations Or The Medical History Of Your Pet
Matted Dog Policy
10) Matted Coats And Additional Labor Charges: If Your Pet Can Not Be Humanely Brushed, We Will Ask To Clip The Hair Short And Simply Start Over On Coat Regrowth. 
We Do Provide De-Matting Services At $1 Per Minute Unless The Pup Is Heavily Matted, Then The Only Option Is To Shave To Avoid Causing Stress Or Discomfort To Your Pet. This Will Be Determined At The Beginning Of Our Service. We The Groomers Will Always Discuss Any Changes Or If Additional Labor Is Required Before Being Performed. Extra Time Is Spent With Matted Clips Because We Cannot See What Is Under The Hair Such As Warts, Growths, Scabs, Etc., And The Coat May Be Matted Very Close To The Skin. Under These Conditions There Is Also A Chance An Accident May Happen And The Animal May Be Nicked (Cut). Please Take Notice That When An Animal’s Coat Is Severely Matted It Can Cause Several Health Conditions Including Dehydration, Skin Irritation, And Skin Infections. If We Feel The Animal Has Any Medical Issues, We Will Advise You, The Pet Owner, To Seek A Veterinarian’s Medical Assistance. If Your Pet Has Parasites, Such As Fleas Or Ticks, Depending On The Severity We May Not Be Able To Provide Our Service And Have To Charge A Cancellation Fee Or May Have To Charge Extra For Medicated Shampoo And For The Additional Pesticide Treatments To Our Mobile Grooming Vans.
Pet Parent Liability Policy Covering Damages And Bites
11) Pet Owner Will Be Held Liable For Any Bites That Require Medical Treatment And Any Property Damages In The Super Pups, LLC., Mobile Grooming Van.
Cancellation Policy 
12) Cancellations: We Require At Least 24-Hour Notice Of Cancellation If The Pet Owner Needs To Reschedule Or Cancel An Appointment. If The Required Timely Notice Is Not Provided A $50 “Cancellation Fee” Will Be Charged/Invoiced, Per Pet. Same-Day Cancellations Fees Are A $50 Dollar Charge Plus Half Of The Cost Of The Groom That Was Scheduled For That Day. If Your Pet Is Sick Upon Arrival, Has Any Stitches Or Abrasions, Or If We The Groomer Feel That Your Pet Needs Medical Attention, We Will Not Be Able To Provide Any Services And The “Cancellation Fee” Will Be Charged. Under These Conditions, Your Pet Must Be Cleared Or Released By Its Veterinarian Prior To Any Future Grooming Services. If Your Pet Is Sick And A Doctor’s Note Is Provided Within 24 Hours Of The Scheduled Appointment, We Will Refund The Fee Or Apply It To The Next Service/Appointment. Clients “Absent Upon Arrival” Or Not Home At Our Scheduled Appointment Time Are Charged The Cancellation Fee. Our Groomers Will Wait 10 Minutes From Our Time Of Arrival Before Leaving And Charging The Fee.  
We Require Our Clients To Be Present At The Beginning Of Our Appointment Window. For Example, If Our Appointment Is For Arrival Between 2:00-2:30 Pm The Client Must Be Present At 2:00 Pm. All Appointment Windows Are An Estimated Time Of Arrival. There May Be Situations Where Our Groomers May Arrive Later Than Our Appointment Window. Under These Conditions, We Will Contact You In Advance To Inform You That We Are Running Behind Schedule And Ask If You Would Prefer To Reschedule Your Appointment For The Next Available Appointment Date And Time. Our Appointment System (Square Inc.) Will Contact You By Text Message Or Email To Remind You Of Your Scheduled Appointment. Super Pups, LLC.. Reserves The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone.
Payment(S) / Return Check Policy
13) Payments: Payment Is Required At The End Of Our Service. We Accept Cash, Credit (Visa, Master Card, Discover, And American Express), And Personal / Business Checks. Checks May Be Payable To “Super Pups, LLC.” There Will Be A $35.00 Charge For All Returned Checks For Non-Sufficient Funds. If The Pet Owner Is Not Planning On Being Present On The Day Of Our Appointment, Payment Arrangements Must Be Made Prior To Providing Service. The Client Acknowledges If The Total Payment Due Is Not Made By The Day Of Service, Or The Payment Due Date, A $25 Late Fee Plus 2% Interest Per Day May Be Applied.
Pricing Policy
14) Prices And Quotes Provided Over The Phone Or Via Email Are Estimates, We Will Provide An Accurate Price Upon Arrival. Our Prices Fluctuate Depending On The Change Of Haircut, Size Of The Dog, Condition Of Their Coat, Or Length Of Time Between Appointments. Dogs That Go More Than 8 Weeks Between Appointments Will Usually Require More Time And Can Be On The Higher End Of The Estimated Price. Pets May Even Require Additional Groomers, For Any Reason, Which May Be Subject To An Additional Fee. Super Pups, LLC., Reserves The Right To Change Pricing At Any Given Moment.
Data Protection Policy
15) Super Pups, LLC. Keeps Detailed Records Of All Dogs, Treatments, And Responsible Staff. New Clients Must Sign A Disclaimer Form And Some Personal Details Will Be Retained By Super Pups, LLC. . Client Data Will Be Treated In Accordance With The Data Protection Principles Of The Data Protection Act And Will Not Be Shared With 3rd Parties.
Emergency Policy
In The Event Of An Emergency, Supreme Pawfection Grooming Services Will Immediately Seek Professional Veterinarian Attention For Any Dog. All Attempts Will Be Made To Contact The Owner In The Event Of An Emergency.
We Do Not Feed Your Dogs Anything
During All Points Of The Grooming Process, We At Super Pups, LLC. Do Not Feed Your Pets Or Give Them Any Kind Of Treats. Grooming Can Sometimes Be Stressful For Your Pet Especially One New To The Grooming Process So It’s Best Not To.